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5 amazing spices to help you own Winter

Amazing Spices

Hey Snuggle Bunnies!

I’m sure by now the novelties of warm fireplaces, hot choc, hoodies and all fur everything are starting to lose their Winter shine. That’s why we wanna help keep you warm, nourished and in high spirits all Winter long with this list of amazing spices to help you sip back, get cosy and create your own Winter Wonderland.



This spicy root has endless powerful benefits for the body and brain but did you know that Ginger is a body warmer and increases your vital energy, firing up your insides to help get you out of that Winter slump!

Ginger also activates the immune system, relieving cold and flu AND eases a hangover from all the mulled wine you’ve been guzzling by the fireplace. Bonus.



Cinnamon is the second most potent antioxidant IN THE WORLD (and probably the yummiest!) containing anti-bacterial properties to kill all those nasty germs as the tea swishes down your throat. It helps fight sore throat, common cold and congestion while aiding in blood circulation to keep your extremities nice and toasty.

Chai spices


This wonderful spice detoxifies the body, boosting immunity and blood circulation to your skin, giving you a healthy and natural glow all through Winter.

Also due to Cardamom’s rich camphor oil that’s released in a steaming hot cup of tea, you can relieve congestion by breathing in the oil if you’ve happened to catch a nasty cold or flu.

But best of all, this special spice contains anti-depressant properties widely used in aromatherapy. Drink Cardamom to stay in high spirits, kicking those Winter blues to the curb!

Star Anise

This beautiful star shaped spice is a natural body warmer, fighting bacteria and virus that are the source of cold and flu and bringing balance to your entire immune system. A triple threat to any immune attack, Star Anise’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral nature is used widely in cough syrups, lozengers and anti-influenza medication.



Apart from Clove’s antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, antiviral, antiseptic and analgesic properties (phew!), this amazing spice is also an anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve those stiff Winter joints to get you out of bed and enjoying the ski slopes or just a quick venture outdoors in the fresh, crisp air.

Clove also boasts at least 36 different vitamins, oils and nutrients such as vitamins K and C, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and magnesium to keep you healthy and nourished all Winter long.


Our infusions containing amazing Winter spices



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