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Bathing Beauty Starring Red Clover


One of our most favourite self love rituals is indulging in long, nourishing beauty baths and blissing out in our own glow…mmmmm…yes…that’s nice.

Want to create your own nourishing beauty bath that is deeply cleansing and vitalising? Here’s all you need to do…    



Step 1 – Prep 

Gather everything you need to create your own blissful bath experience. We’ve included candles, red clover flowers and jazz in our mix. 

Grab a tea infuser and fill with gorgeous nourishing herbs from our I AM BEAUTY infusion packed with NettleRed Clover,OatstrawDandelion RootCatnipSiberian Ginseng and Orange Peel.

HINT: Add a handful of dried hibiscus for gorgeously pink bathwater.




Step 2 – Fill

Fill your bathtub with very hot running water and pop your infuser packed with all your nourishing beauty herbs in to work their magic. You may want to add a couple more infusers for extra nourishment.



Step 3 – Infuse

Allow your beauty herbs to infuse into your hot bath water for 15-20mins. 

Do some yoga, read some Rumi or infuse a cup of your favourite tea while you wait for your bathwater to cool to your liking.




Step 4 – Relax

Gently lower yourself into your beauty bath. It’s time to relax and enjoy your self made bliss!

The infused herbs are now working their magic and being absorbed through the pores of your skin.

Take a moment to feel the effects of the herbs as they massage into your body. The deeply cleansing and vitalising effects of Siberian Ginseng;Dandelion Root extracting all physical and emotional toxins; Red CloverNettle and Oatstraw providing nourishing vitamins and minerals;Catnip clearing your chi and Orange Peel purifying your body and mind.

Feel your complexion become clear and vibrant, your eyes begin to sparkle and your hair and nails become glossy and strong.

Honour and send waves of love and appreciation to your beautiful body. Bathe in your divine beauty, get lost in your own glow.

Know that you grow more radiantly beautiful with each passing day as you nourish your body and your inner light.

As you emerge from your bliss sanctuary you are now deeply cleansed, nourished and vitalised. You are luminating and pulsing with vibrance, can you feel it?

Revel in your own radiance and notice what happens next. Is your partner more loving and attentive towards you? Are you more magnetic and attractive in the office tomorrow? Did you receive a lovely surprise from a friend or loved one?

Excellent! Don’t stop now, make your beauty bath a vital ritual on your self care list. 

X Miss Infusion


All herbs used in bathing beauty are available on our online store in our I AM BEAUTY infusion x