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Drink Tea, Be A Millionaire

Drink tea, be a millionaire. This is the best quote I have read all week for two reasons: 1) Mindful awareness 2) The importance of slowing down.

Masaru Ibuka, founder/chairman of Japan’s Sony Corp, was asked “What is the secret of your success?” in an interview. He said he had a ritual. Preceding a business decision, he would drink herbal tea. Before he drank, he asked himself, “Should I make this deal or not?” If the tea gave him indigestion, he wouldn’t make the deal. “I trust my gut, and I know how it works,” he said. “My mind is not that smart, but my body is.”

There are so many reasons to love this. It’s proof that many of the world’s biggest businesspeople (Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey) use their ‘hunch’ (intuition) for success. It’s a wonderfully practical exercise, one that we can try ourselves.

Ibuka himself points out that it’s a brilliant method for breaking away from your mental chatter and reconnecting with your subtle emotional, instinctual self. And slowly enjoying a simple cup of tea while doing nothing else is a kind of meditation, all on its own — and one our bodies are craving in this fast-paced, ritual-devoid world.

When making a particularly important decision in life, there’s no need to rush – it’s important to take your time and check in with your gut feeling first. This might take ten minutes (the time it takes to drink a cup of tea), or it might take ten months. Either way, if you’re listening to your heart, stomach or the part of your body that holds emotion when you think about making your decision — (does it feels positive and excited or yucky?) — you have your answer.

And despite nerves, nothing long-term bad can EVER come from following your instinct. Ever. It’s, like, a universal law. 🙂


Guest blog post by the extraordinary Rebecca Dettman Intuitive, Journalist and Author



For the past decade, Rebecca Dettman has worked as a journalist for News Ltd and Time Inc, contributing to national newspapers, magazines and radio shows while simultaneously running her own company, Psyched In Stilettos. A modern psychic, spiritual commentator, writer and educator, she focuses on delivering positive messages – whether through private readings, published articles, corporate seminars, workshops, meditation classes, radio appearances or events – to encourage free thinking, personal responsibility and self-empowerment.

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