How long should I brew my infusion?

We recommend brewing your infusion for 10-15 minutes for ultimate nutrient benefit or longer for added nutrient benefit and stronger flavour.

How often can I drink my infusion?

We recommend drinking 1-3 cups of your infusion per day for optimal results.
Traditionally for health and healing 1 teaspoon of tea three times a day is ideal. This has been used for centuries as a standard dose.

Are all the herbs and botanicals ‘safe’ for consumption?

Our infusions contain herbs and botanicals for everyday health and wellness. Some herbs may not be recommended for those on certain medication/s and pregnancy, for example Red clover and catnip found in IAMBEAUTY are not recommended for pregnancy. All herbs and botanicals are listed as ingredients, please consult your healthcare professional if in doubt.


Which infusion is best for me?

Each infusion has been carefully created with the nutritional goodness and zinging vibrance of our herbs and botanicals while also serving a higher function to help you be even more awesome in your everyday world.

If you wish to stimulate your mental powers and summon your inner genuis, we recommend IAMBRAINS filled with smart herbs and botanicals such as gotu kola and ginko to get your synapses snapping.

If you’re looking for a detox and wish to purify your body and enhance your radiance, we recommend IAMBEAUTY packed with herbs and botanicals like dandelion root and nettle for a glowing complexion.

To create more love in your life or heal an aching heart, we recommend IAMLOVE as a powerful heart tonic filled with sensual herbs and botanicals including rose, lavender and ginseng to work with your heart centre and amplify your charisma.

Or perhaps you just love the unique flavour of a certain infusion which is ok too! Either way, sip back and let your infusion work its magic.


Why choose I AM INFUSION?

The most awesome and unique tea drinking experience for your body, mind & spirit.

Not only are our infusions enriching and nourishing for your body, they also contain a beautiful meditation to empower your mind and an affirmation to make your spirit dance, creating a most awesome and unique tea drinking experience.

Delicate, subtle and delicious flavours

Our infusions contain no artificial ingredients, added sugar or other nasties which is why our flavours are delicate, subtle and oh so delicious.

You can expect an even consistency of flavour throughout your teacup and not be overpowered or oversaturated with harsh flavours like some infusions on the market.

Perfectly blended with no fillers

All of our infusions contain the highest quality organic herbs and botanicals which means that you won’t find any fillers as a cheap alternative.

All of our infusions are perfectly blended with each recipe containing just the right quantity of herbs and botanicals to nourish your body for your ultimate wellbeing and general awesomeness.

What do you mean by ‘Zinging with life force’?

Our herbs and botanicals have been blended and packed in their natural, live organic state which means they contain a higher vibrancy and life force for your ultimate vitality compared to overly processed foods which are ‘dead’ or contain very little life force such as fried foods. Put in another way, you can ‘plant’ our used infusions into soil and be pleasantly surprised to notice some new growth in the form of your own little herbal sprouts – now that’s something you can’t do with a burger!

Why loose leaf vs tea bag?

Herbs and botanicals packed and served in loose leaf form preserve the quality of nutrients, essential oils and healing properties that can otherwise be lost or damaged through the grounding and powdering process undertaken for packing into tea bags.
Often flavourings and additives are also added to enhance flavours and colour.

Why drink herbal infusions?

Besides keeping you all warm and fuzzy inside, drinking herbal tea regularly is a great way to maintain health, wellness and increase vitality due to the nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils found in everyday herbs and botanicals. These range from blood cleansing Red Clover, nutrient and mineral rich Nettle, liver lover and detoxifier Dandelion Root and heart healing Rose to name a few.

Free from caffeine and preservatives, herbal infusions are also a wonderful way to stay hydrated with a variety of quality fluids throughout the day.

To discover more benefits of our delicious herbs and botanicals click here.


Are the canisters recyclable?

Yes! Although we hope you love the boutique design as much as we do and want to keep them forever, the canisters are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.


Why foil packaging?

We have found foil to be the highest quality material to keep our infusions at their optimal freshness and to minimise exposure to sunlight and other elements during delivery and storage.


How should I store my infusions?

Once opened, keep in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.


What should I do with the used herbs after infusing?

Once you have finished with your infusion, we recommend giving the herbs back to the Earth. If you have a garden or even a pot plant that could benefit from the left over nutrients, they will love you for it! And due to the life force prevelant in all our organic herbs and botanicals, you may even be surprised to notice some new growth in the form of your own little herbal sprouts!