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Happy Valentine’s Lovers!


Are we feeling infused with love yet? Good! Because we couldn’t think of a more perfect botanical to highlight this month of St Valentine than the ‘Queen of Flowers’ and universal symbol of love herself, the delectable Rose.

Rose, THE flower of love has been cultivated for over 3,000 years and with good cause. She’s a potent aphrodisiac and the early Romans knew that sipping on a cupful of infused rose petals calms the heart, enhances positive emotions and in modern day terms, helps get your freaky on. In fact, drinking rose tea is an excellent remedy for female infertility and gents, just in case you thought these romantic petals were reserved for the ladies, think again – they also help with erectile dysfunction. Yup, this flower of luuurve ain’t messin’ around.

And she doesn’t stop there. So uplifting is Rose for the nerves and spirit that this delicate, exotic and most fragrant specimen can alleviate anxiety, anger, heartache, depression and emotional stress, literally bringing love back into your heart.

Perfect for sipping daily, we couldn’t imagine a better love potion for you, two or even a few…

Bottoms up lovers!

And scroll below to discover the top 10 extraordinary benefits and special message from Rose.

x Miss Infusion

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1. Rose is high in vitamins A and C which help strengthen your immune system and can be part of the treatment for colds, fever, a runny nose, a sore throat, or bronchial congestion. 

2. A potent aphrodisiac, a cupful of infused Rose petals can help get your freaky on.

3. Rose has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and spirit and can relieve insomnia, depression, anxiety, heartache, stored anger and fatigue.

4. Rose petal tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion causing pain and heavy periods. It is an excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility.

5. A natural sedative, drinking Rose tea before bedtime can calm the heart and mind for a beautiful night’s sleep.

6. Rose enhances positive emotions – share your Rose infusion and let the good times roll.

7. Rose petal tea is a great digestive aid as it protects the gastrointestinal tract and nourishes the gastric mucosaIt is often used to treat constipation, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and dysentery and urinary tract infections.

8. A wonderful detoxifyer, Rose tea cleanses the liver and gall bladder, promoting bile flow and removing toxins from the body.

9. Rose tea can improve blood circulation and is useful to those prone to chest problems by fighting against infections.

10. Message from Rose ~ Follow your heart.



Follow your heart 




When I follow my heart amazing things start to happen





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