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How drinking Peppermint tea makes you happy

As we find ourselves closing in on the final month of winter, some of our spirits may be waning due to the long dark nights and seemingly never ending days of cold and gloom…in other words…the winter blues.

Luckily for us there’s a gorgeous little herb known as peppermint packed with vitamin C and omega 3 for the ultimate feel good pick me up! When infused, peppermint tea releases vitamin C, omega 3, menthol, thymol and other volatile oils with antiseptic properties which boost the mood, enhance mental focus and help ward off initial symptoms of cold and flu. Apparently just inhaling the aroma of this wonderful herb is enough to stimulate feelings of wellbeing and mental clarity.

So the next time you catch yourself lamenting over the winter blues, grab some peppermint and infuse yourself in a golden, refreshing and soothing peppermint tea infusion… and feel your spirits lift with each sip!

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5 uplifting effects of peppermint


1. Peppermint improves the appetite and promotes good digestion

2. Contains powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties for fresh breath and to ward off initial symptoms of cold and flu

3. Refreshing and cooling, Peppermint tea stimulates circulation to invigorate your energy

4. Peppermint is packed with mood boosters vitamin C and omega 3 for the ultimate feel good pick me up!

5. When infused, Peppermint releases volatile oils for mental clarity and purification


Message from Peppermint

Purify, Balance, Transform 



When I smile the whole world smiles




Our infusions containing Peppermint







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