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How Gingko Biloba helps keep skin youthful and slows the effects of aging

Hey lovers! Did you know that with each sip of gingko you’re eating a ‘living fossil’, a plant that’s been on earth since dinosaurs roamed 220 million years ago? Gingko trees themselves can live for up to 1000 years – talk about immortality!
Flash forward to now and cell loving gingko is still hailed as one of the wonders of the world and the most promising and highly studied botanical.
Gingko Biloba has some pretty awesome properties that might just make your body explode with health and radiance. Here’s a few of Ginkgo’s known benefits…
Gingko helps keep skin beautiful – Gingko loves skin cells.
Gingko Biloba helps keep skin cells strong and beautiful by pumping nutrients and oxygen to the skin and also acts as an after sun repair agent fighting UV damage including damage to skin cells and retina of the eye.
Gingko helps keep skin youthful – Gingko loves blood vessels.
Our skin ages when it is starved of nutrients and oxygen which occurs when the blood cells are constricted.  Gingko is a perfect tonic to blood vessels keeping them strong and supple and helping them to deliver nutrients and oxygen to all cells within the body. Gingko promotes the life of cells by preventing and repairing any microscopic damage before it can escalate into larger problems.
Gingko loves brains.
Kind of the way zombies love brains but better! Gingko increases blood flow to the brain improving cognitive function, memory and easing symptoms related to aging such as Alzheimer’s disease, senility and depression. Gingko increases the rate at which information is transmitted at the nerve cell level, which is why it’s so beneficial to the brain and also widely used to treat age related disorders.         
Gingko loves free radicals.
Gingko is a very potent FREE RADICAL DESTROYER!! Rawwwrrrr!!  A powerful antioxidant for the entire body, Gingko naturally slows the effects of aging by cleaning up free radicals that set off damaging chain reactions related to disease, cell damage and aging. In this way gingko helps protect the health of cells and keeps them from breaking down after attack.
Gingko loves tea.
According to whole leaves are more effective than extracts when it comes to taking gingko as all properties of the leaf are beneficial. You can take gingko as a tincture, in tablet form or as a standard cup of tea with 2-3 cups per day for best results. Woop! Pass the teacup!
Gingko loves humans.
Generally considered safe, side effects are rare although headaches and skin problems have been reported in studies where recommended dosages have been exceeded.
Here are some more benefits to drinking gingko proving how much gingko loves humans! <3

    1. Gingko is rich in flavonoids which strengthen the cardiovascular system.

    2. Conditions such as blood clotting are inhibited by Ginkgo Biloba tea and this helps in minimizing blood coagulation, cramps,   and headaches. It will also reduce the clogging of arteries by inhibiting the formation of plaque, thereby protecting from heart disease.

    3. Gingko improves and repairs eyesight, excellent for all of us screen addicts!

    4. This wonderful herb has been known to help those who suffer from mental health problems by promoting mental equilibrium and improving brain function, depression, anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, short term memory loss and hormonal imbalance.

    5. Gingko improves and repairs hearing and ear disorders such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo and travel sickness.

    6. Gingko is a symbol of ageless beauty, balance and transformation through knowledge. Drink gingko tea before meditation to help access deep knowledge of the self and cosmos.

    7. Gingko reduces anxiety and tension headaches and enhances focus and concentration…perfect to take in to the office!

      8. Gingko can help stimulate and enhance the blood circulation of the body. Many people have trouble with narrowing arteries, poor blood flow, and cramps and aches caused by bad circulation. Taking Ginkgo leaf herb can assist in these problems by dilating the blood vessels and inhibiting the clumping of platelets in the blood.

      9. To all the gents out there, Gingko can help long term impotence and erectile dysfunction by assisting with blood flow and nerve damage to the penis.

      10. Look to Gingko for support to unlock the secrets of your soul and life path. Through access to this inner wisdom, you can create your reality.


      Message from Gingko Biloba

      Look within to access all knowledge – esoteric and self knowledge is already contained within us.



      I am my own guru


      Our infusions containing Gingko Biloba






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