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How positive thoughts while drinking tea affect our cells

Did you know that beautiful thoughts while drinking tea can affect the happiness and health of the cells through out your body? Seriously!


There is a ton of research supporting that positive, joy-filled thoughts and intentions affect our minds and bodies in beautiful, discernable ways; they also bring beneficial energies into our living environment and the world around us.

One Japanese scientist and pioneer researcher Dr Masaru Emoto even made the incredible discovery that water molecules and their molecular structure are affected by our thought patterns…eeep!
He found that by sending loving thoughts to a glass of water labeled ‘Love’ and sending peaceful thoughts to a glass of water labeled ‘Peace’, the water molecules transformed into beautiful and unique patterns – some similar to snowflakes!
Conversely by sending hateful and negative thoughts to a glass of water labeled ‘Hate’ and stressful thoughts to a glass of water labeled ‘stress’ the molecular structure was deformed with no distinct pattern or structure.

Considering that our bodies are made up of roughly 80% water, these findings are quite mind-blowing and suggest that our thoughts really do affect our bodies, our cell structure and in turn our entire lives.
Samples of water crystals

Water, consciousness and intent video

He repeated these experiments around the world and came across similar findings regardless of nationality, location and culture.
So the next time you’re sipping on a cup of tea, make sure to be mindful of what you’re infusing within!
Happy sipping!!
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