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Love Infused Spring Cocktail

Love infused spring cocktail

Happy Spring Lovers!!

To celebrate the long awaited return of sunshine and deliciously halcyon days we have created a special spring cocktail infused with our yummy love tea for your next dreamy picnic, gorgeous event or lazy afternoon in.

Check out our easy 3 step recipe below!


What you need:

1 Part fizzy mixer such as Ginger Ale, Lemonade or Sparkling Water to add some sparkle (we’ve used Ginger Ale)

1 Part I AM LOVE rose and hibiscus tea infusion for divine flavour

1 Part alcohol of your choice – optional (we’ve used Pimms but gin, vodka or sparkling champagne will do nicely!)

1 Blood Orange

1 Handful Strawberries

1 Handful Blueberries

Mint for garnish


What you do:

1. Infuse 2-3 teaspoons of I AM LOVE tea in a pot or infuser and leave to cool

2. Slice up your blood orange and strawberries and add these along with your blueberries to a cocktail glass or pitcher

3. Add 1 part fizzy mixer, 1 part love tea infusion and 1 part alcohol to your cocktail glass or pitcher

That’s it!!

Splash in some ice, mint for garnish and bottom ups! x

Love Cocktail

Love Tea Picnic 


Our I AM LOVE tea infusion has been used in this recipe


Love Tea