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Sweet chamomile flavour with bursts of rosehip

Napoleon said ‘Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains’. This blissful blend of calming herbs promises to lull you into la la land, delivering a deep and relaxing sleep to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to unleash your awesome! It contains:

  • oatstraw to ease insomnia
  • zen inducing chamomile
  • lemon verbana for nerve exhaustion
  • calming sedative passiflora
  • rosehip to enhance bliss
  • spearmint to zap stress

Sip on this soothing infusion before bedtime to rest your spirit, quiet the mind and prepare yourself for a peaceful night’s slumber where dreams really do come true…



  • 70g organic herbal loose leaf tisane zinging with life force
  • no caffeine or added nasties
    (artificial colours, preservatives, gluten, sugars or lactose)
  • approx 60 servings per 70g


Infuse one teaspoon per cup in near boiling water for 10-15 minutes or longer for added nutrient benefit

Drink 1-3 times a day for optimal results


  • Perfect for…

    + unwinding and de-stressing after a long day

    + a beautiful and calming bedtime ritual

    + promoting inner peace and beautiful dreams

    + when you need to feel refreshed and ready to unleash your awesome the next day

    + calming your nerves, zapping insomnia and exhaustion

    + any time you need a deep and relaxing sleep (always!)

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