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Shine on – 4 Powerful Herbs to detox your body and mind


Dear lovers, If you feel you may have been overindulging lately on delicious but naughty treats and cocktails, never fear! We have 4 powerful herbs to help you detoxify and purify your body and mind so you can continue to shine on from the inside out!

1. Dandelion Root
The perfect hair of the dog! Dandelion Root stimulates liver and gall bladder activity and tones the liver, kidney and pancreas helping to flush out those pesky toxins and cleanse the blood. Use dandelion root to help with cleansing, weight loss, cellulite and hangovers! The amazing Dandelion Root also clears the body of stored negative emotions such as anger & fear.

2. Nettle
This mischievous little stinging herb is wonderful at clearing out GUNK if you’ve been overindulging. Potently rich in vitamins A, K, C and iron, Nettle detoxifies, purifies and energizes the body. Think cleansing and nourishing.

3. Red Clover
A natural blood purifier and toxin eliminator, use this wonder botanical for cleansing and regenerating after a big night on the town! Red Clover contains an abundant array of many valuable nutrients including calcium, magnesium and vitamin C that assist in the removal of heavy metal toxicity and provide nourishment and healing for the body.

4. Orange Peel
Fight bloating and cellulite with the super antioxidant Orange Peel naturally rich in vitamin C. Also a wonderful digestive, Orange Peel increases your metabolism to help with weight loss and strengthening muscle tissue.

Drinking these herbs in a tea infusion you will also benefit from the wonderful effects of pure water to help flush out those nasty toxins.

Happy cleansing!


*Please note that red clover is not recommended for pregnancy.


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