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Stress Less with Siberian Ginseng

Dear lovers,

It’s that time of year when things are starting to get BUSY. Long gone are the whimsical carefree days of Summer (sigh!) and easing into the new year.

Exciting new projects and plans are being formulated for you, work is beginning to pile up, your calendar is getting full and you have that deadline at 3pm! With all you have going on, it’s so easy to fly into a panic and rush through the day in stress mode…yick!

Enter Siberian Ginseng. OR as we like to say…Buddha in a teacup.

This amazing woody and earthy herb is heralded as a medicinal treasure trove by the Chinese for a million good reasons and a natural stress buster! Not to be confused with other ginsengs (Panax – Korean, Asian and American), Siberian Ginseng comes from the Eleutherococcus family (considered to be less warming and safer for long term use) and has been at the forefront of Chinese medicine for over 2000 years!

Siberian Ginseng helps maintain stamina and normal energy levels while also assisting the body to deal with physical and mental stress, acting as an adaptogen and helping the body to adapt to stressful situations. In fact, Siberian Ginseng is a well renowed remedy for stress, high pressure & exhaustion.

When researchers reviewed the results of clinical trials involving more than 2,100 healthy persons (aged 19 to 72), Siberian Ginseng was found to counteract the toxic effects of stress. When given Siberian Ginseng root extract (33% alcohol) (2 – 48 ml per day) participants showed an increased ability to accommodate adverse physical conditions, improved mental performance and enhanced the quality of work performed under stressful conditions.

Wow! We think it’s time to ditch that double strength expresso for a performance enhancing and stress-busting cup of Siberian Ginseng to rock on through your day.

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A million reasons why we love Siberian Ginseng

1. Siberian Ginseng is a powerful natural aphrodisiac for both men and women and it is also helpful for male erectile dysfunction.

2. Studies have shown Siberian Ginseng to be a wonderful remedy for stress, pressure & exhaustion.

3. Siberian Ginseng is widely used to enhance athletic endurance.

4. Siberian Ginseng enhances mental clarity. It contains choline, a brain chemical for learning and memory retention. This helps improve mental performance and alertness. When paired with Gotu Kola – a magnificent tonic to the brain – Siberian Ginseng adds the blood-oxygen raising abilities making this combo a dramatic formula to increase concentration, focus, memory, and brain power endurance in general.

4. Drink Siberian Ginseng tea to increase energy, vitality and maintain good health.

5. Siberian Ginseng is an amazing adaptogen. It has the miraculous ability to create balance in the body, lowering or raising blood pressure if too high or low and even warming the body in a cool climate or cooling the body in high temperatures – wow!

6. The wonderful immune stimulating properties of Siberian Ginseng help to prevent cold & flu.

7. Ancient Chinese healers believed Ginseng root to be an embodiment of the spirit of the universe…creating a mystical and even supernatural power of rejuvenation, revitalization and overall healing and wellness for the human being.

8. As we all live in a stressful environment, Siberian Ginseng can be an important herb to anyone who wants to maintain mental clarity, prevent infection and disease, treat viruses or to prevent stress and fatigue.

9. Siberian Ginseng is considered a tonic for invigoration, helping maintain general well-being and to stimulate and strengthen the body’s immune response.

10. Also a restorative herb, Siberian Ginseng aids in the recovery from hard physical exercise as well as from extreme mental exertion.

11. Since warm beverages can also enhance calmness, Siberian ginseng in tea form may prove particularly useful in enhancing relaxation.

12. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the Siberian Ginseng plant is believed to strengthen the body’s ability to cope with stress, which may also prevent stress-related medical conditions such as heartburn, upset stomach and tension headaches.

13. People who struggle with mild or occasional anxiety, nervousness or hyperactivity may benefit from the stress-reducing properties of Siberian Ginseng.

14. Its antioxidant properties prevent cellular damage due to oxidation to help with heart disease and cancer prevention. Siberian Ginseng contains saponins which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and can convert diseased cells into normal ones.


Shall we go on…?


 Message from Siberian Ginseng

Connect within to revitalise and rejuvenate



I welcome peace and amazing things into my life 


Our infusions containing Siberian Ginseng 






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