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Sydney Tea Festival – Tea Revolution!

Hey lovers!

We had the most amazing day at the Sydney Tea Festival and it was so wonderful to see all your gorgeous happy faces on the day. Things got busy fast with tea lovers pouring in from all around Sydney (5,500 of you!) thirsty for speciality drops of delicious tea.

The craziness hit around lunch time and didn’t stop! All was an exciting blur of our swishing infusers pouring endless cups of our organic infusions, tea lovers chattering and slurping away in tea heaven to the backdrop pitter patter of soft rain outside the Carriageworks warehouse.

Many of you were so excited to be a part of this awesome event, hopefully the first of many in what can only be described as the tea revolution, eeeeek!

Thank you all for braving the rain and coming out to see us for the ultimate tea adventure and best of all for making us smile the entire time.

Same time next year lovers? We can’t wait x