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The Ultimate Sports Drink

Hello Lovers!

Brrrr! Since we’re in the midst of what feels like a new ice age filled with short days and icy nights, we officially declare this TEA SEASON!! HURRAH!

And what better botanical to get us through this winter chill than the gorgeous infection fighting Hibiscus. Rich in vitamins A, C, Beta carotene and organic acids (citric, malic, and tartaric), this delectably sweet and tarty flower contains amazing antioxidant powers which ease symptoms of colds and flu rampant during the coldest months.

Hibiscus infusions are also a wonderful tonic for athletes. The high electrolyte content found in the fiesty botanical quenches thirst during and after physical activity while cooling the body and nourishing tissue, making it the ultimate sports drink!

So whether you’re a zenned out yogi, a fitness junkie or just a little parched and dried out from all the office heating this winter, be sure to replenish your body’s vital fluids while boosting your immune system with a deliciously cool hibiscus infusion.

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1. Hibiscus contains mild infection-fighting properties that ease symptoms of cold & flu and boost the immune system

2. Drink hibiscus as a potent Love potion – bottoms up lovers!

3. The antioxidants found in hibiscus tea have been compared to red wine, which has positive effects on cardiac health such as lowering cholesterol which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease.

4. The high electrolyte content in hibiscus is perfect for rejuvenating the body after a hard workout and replenishing vital fluids

5. Drinking 2 cups of hibiscus tea per day has been found to lower blood pressure


Message from Hibiscus

Replenish and revitalise 



As I replenish my body my vitality soars 



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