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Wow tea and chocolate pairings

Happy Easter lovers!

We hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy raw choc bars to devour over the long weekend. If not, you can always DIY your own raw choc here.

We had the yummiest time pairing our tea blends with the best chocolate in the world (hard life, we know!) and came up these awesome tea + choc combinations for you to try.

Enjoy and if you come across your own amazing tea + choc combo be sure to let us know in the comments below!


 Pana Rose Chocolate + I am Love tea


This pairing is just divine. The sweet rose flavour of the chocolate plays delightfully with the tarty hibiscus in our I am Love tea infusion while the fresh peppermint in the tea cleanses the palate for the next tantalising bite. I’m savouring every last bite and sip of this heavenly match and never want it to end!


The chocolate is bitter and strong with a subtle taste of rose like Turkish delight. It balances well with the sweetness of the I am Love tea which washes away the bitterness leaving a strong rose flavour.


Loving Earth Crunchy Mint + I am Brains tea



The smooth rosemary, fresh spearmint and exciting lemon citrus hints of our I am Brains infusion provide a soft backdrop in preparation for the intense crunch and sensational minty flavour burst of the dark mint chocolate. This pairing is mouthblowing.


This pairing results in a smoother flavour, a good balance between the burst of mint and cocao. The I am Brains tea is very refreshing after the chocolate leaving a smooth mild flavour after the bitterness of the dark cocao.


 Pana Fig and Wild Orange + I am Beauty tea


Whoa! The sweetness of the fig and wild orange chocolate blends deliciously with the hints of bitterness from the organic orange peel in our I am Beauty infusion. This pair are like ying and yang, Brad and Ange, Mars and Venus colliding in a wonderful dance of sweet and bitter taste sensations.


There’s a strong cocao taste with a subtle orange flavour, the little bits of fig make for a nice surprise. This combo washed down and cleared the palate well. The nice orange after-taste from the I am Beauty infusion compliments the chocolate.


Infusions featured in our tea + choc tastings